Universal PHP files (we now use universal access and mysqli with objects for all php code)


simple examples

send email





cards (in 'jim' db)

jupiter_1 (in 'magic' db)

UMU 2018

other demos that we would like

simple db select with GET that could be used inside a web browser, a Java application, a Java applet, or an iOS app
use of a GET to do an UPDATE
web form for creating an entirely new table? (if get this working, then could actually call it from an iOS app. That we mean that the iOS app code could be much simpler)

and for iOS

set string variable to result of php url

set string variable to result of php url with GET

use GET for db insert

so MySQL handles the db, Apache handles the web pages, and data is sent to the web pages through any app

That means that the app would only need to:

  1. be able to create and send url queries
  2. receive and interpret the results

Wow. That means that the app itself could be relatively simple!

Hmmm. Maybe my QuizMe app should only use existing quizes. But any can submit there one quiz data by using a web page for entry. And the web page could be accessible either through the  app (web page displayer) or just anywhere on the web.

That means that my program would only have to play existing games! My app would be much simpler! And also it would be much easier to enter data because copy-and-paste could be used on the web page for data entry!

Could even have a special file format. Just copy in the whole file. Make some web page demos that are accessible to all as examples.

Wow. I think that is very nice.