Chess is a great game. The rules are simply stated, yet there are amazingly complicated and interesting strategies for good play.

My father taught me to play when I was a young boy, and I have played occasionally through the years. Now I have become seriously interested. You will find me at Jalisco's Mexican Restaurant in Alliance, Ohio on most Monday evenings at 6:00 PM. There is a small, but dedicated group of chess players there every week. Feel free to join us if you like. We always have room for another player of any skill level.

I am JavaJim on

Starting January 2015 I have hopes of learning how to play blindfold chess. Right now I can make the first 5 or 6 moves, but after that I start to lose track of where all the pieces are located. My goal is to be able to play an entire game. Winning or losing doesn't matter, I just want to play an entire blindfold game.